The Interfaith Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence is composed of 38 national faith organizations that come together to advocate for national legislation and public policies that protect all people from domestic and sexual violence, with particular concern for women and families.

As a national coalition representing millions of congregants and constituents from diverse religious communities, our moral, religious and ethical commitments guide our work in ending violence against women. 

Recognizing that domestic violence survivors often turn to their religious leaders and houses of worship for support, guidance and refuge during times of abuse, Jewish Women International convened the first-of-its-kind Interfaith Domestic Violence Coalition in 2007 to unite the collective energies and visions of faith communities to advance federal domestic violence legislation. Today, the Coalition also works to advocate for legislation that addresses sexual violence, international violence against women, funding for anti-gender based violence programs, and a variety of other issues. 

The Coalition meets bimonthly to consider legislative initiatives, sponsor Congressional briefings and educational events, and participate in advocacy days.  The Coalition works collaboratively with national secular domestic and sexual violence organizations creating a powerful and dynamic partnership.